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San Francisco Recap

San Francisco Reunion 1997

Instead of telling you all about the reunion - I thought I’d let some of the attendees tell you how they felt about it.    Jane Endres

“Thanks for all the hard work in putting together the reunion. I definitely had a blast!! Looking forward to 2000. I spent two days hangin’ out with Derrick and even though I had only seen him twice in the last fifteen years or so, it just felt like old times again. The friendship has definietely been rekindled-look out world!!”
Troy Nelson ‘84

“Hahn Reunions are a very import part of my life and the older I get the more I treasure them because you realize just how important your past is and how lucky we are that we have found one another to share it over and over again. Plus, I think there is a huge bond that binds us and it is very special.”
Lori Wallace Taylor ‘75

“Damn, I had a blast!!!”
Allan Loucks
(Dana Allen’s husband ‘82)

“Thank you for the great time we all had in S.F. There were a lot of renewed friendships”
Mary Odell Hassard ‘81

“Great job at the reunion. Carol and I had a blast. I can’t wait for the next one in 2000.”
Chellie Morrison ‘80

“Jane, you’ve put a lot of friends together but you’ve also provided us with a lot of new friends... I’ll never forget my old friends but I cherish my new friends as well... That goes for you Crystal... But really this could have never had happened unless you took the initiative, and my deepest thanks from the deepest part of my heart goes out to you... I helped you before and I know how much work goes into these things, I love you for doing this for me... And I know all of the rest of us “old” 70’s crowd does too.”
Susan Adams ‘74

“I’m so depressed!!!” It’s over. Waited 3 years and now it’s over and done with. I had a great time... Seeing all my old friends, and making new memories. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Hope the next years go by fast.”
Debbie Lawson Bauswell ‘76

“The reunion was wonderful! I enjoyed seeing my 70’s friends and meeting new 80’s friends. I haven’t danced that much in ages! Special thanks to Jane, Gila, Patrick “Erick”, Teri, Susan, Debby, Robbie, Guy, Steve W., Steve M., and everyone else that made the weekend very special for me! Cedric met many of you and now he understands why I have “nothing but love for you all”! I’d also like to send a special shout out to “Carlton” (Daniel)! You are so crazy!! Hope to see you all again in 2000!
Linda Palmer Stewart ‘75

“Thanks to all who made the S.F. reunion memorable. Especially to Jane (enjoyed the “Queen’s Wave” too). Had fun kicking around Crystal Malloy and Kelly Nolan on Saturday.”
Tom Rosales ‘79

“Well, it was a roaring success, thanks to the hard work of Janie and a few others... Thanks, Jane... She called the bluff (turns out there was enough whiskey in S.F.) and I folded... She wins... the 80’s won the karaoke challenge, though it was not a fair contest, given that the didn’t sing an ´80’s song!!! (Bitter? Who’s bitter?). To those folks I didn’t get a chance to know, thanks for making this such a memorable reunion... Great job, Janie!!!”
Joe Mayes ‘79

“For all of those who weren’t able to attend the reunion, start making plans for 2000 in Fl. It’s well worth it -- We’re going to need a larger reprentation from the 90’s for the karaoke challeng. Well, for that, and so that I don’t feel so young. Thanks to Jane for all the hard work. I cant’t wait till the next one!”
Shaun Leslie ‘90

“We have safely landed in Germany again after one super!!! reunion in San Francisco. Thanks a lot to Jane and Gila for a splendid job. It was sure nice that so many from the class of ‘83 showed up. Hope to see you and more in FL in 2000
Jo Ann Mather Fellenzer ‘83

“Had a great time at the reunion. It was as the kids today say “The Bomb”.
Crystal Malloy ‘82

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