Some time last year (2004), I was reading through the posts on the Yahoo! and MSN Group about how homesick the “Hahnites” were, and that they would love to come back “home”.

Well, I thought about this on my drive to and from work, came home one day and asked my family how fast they would put me in an insane asylum if I would organise another reunion like we had organised in 2003... To my surprise, I wasn’t immediately committed, in fact, they told me they would even voluntarily help me with it again.

As it is often said: “The rest is history...”

The statistics:
35 participants divided up into:
7 former military personnel
2 teachers
3 students
7 “local nationals”
8 spouses
6 invaluable helpers (THANK YOU!)

of which 10 participants flew in from the USA.

To read about the fun you missed just follow this link...

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